Trey Songz and mother

Trey Songz Enlists Lil Wayne, J. Cole, & Kelly Rowland for ‘Chapter 5’

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Trey Songz and his mom April Tucker called into Power 99’s Morning Show on Friday. The radio hosts grilled Mama Songz on her famous son’s nicknames and got her thoughts on Kelly Rowland, who appeared in Trey’s “Heart Attack” video.

“He’s a mama’s boy, but he’s his own man at the same time,” said April. “I think that’s the best combination. He has great reverence and respect for me, but he still comes home and lays his head across my lap when it’s time to watch TV.”

She also revealed one of Trey’s more embarrassing nicknames. “I call him my Maxi Me ’cause he looks a lot like me.”

His on-screen co-star Kelly Rowland gets mom’s seal of approval. “I think they look very cute,” said April. “I was on set and she’s very sweet and they have amazing chemistry in front of the camera, but they’re good friends. I like her though, she’s a sweetheart.”

Trey’s new album Chapter 5 is due out mid-summer featuring some big names. “I got a record with Tip on there [‘2 Reasons’],” said Trigga. “Shout out to [Lil] Wayne, Big Sean, J. Cole, Kelly Rowland as well. A lot of great features thus far and I’m still recording.”