T.I. Backs President Obama’s Endorsement of Gay Marriage

Jay-Z is not the only rapper taking a stand for same-sex marriage. T.I. is speaking out in support of President Obama’s stance on the hot topic.

“Just to speak honestly and being frank, I don’t care,” Tip told MTV’s “RapFix Live.” “I think that if a matter doesn’t affect your daily life, you shouldn’t take a hard stand on it. If it’s not something that directly affects you, if it doesn’t affect you, then what difference does it make to you what other people are doing with their lives?”

He added, “I think that you should be able to do whatever you want to do. I don’t see how it matters one way or another.”

The King of the South will be voting to re-elect President Obama when he gets off probation in September. “I don’t think that’s a hard question,” he said.

In addition to his own album Trouble Man, due September 4, he is plotting collaborative projects with B.o.B and Young Jeezy. “Between the two of us, we probably got about five or six records,” he said of his work with Jeezy.