Jay-Z Explains Why Rita Ora Is a Star

Rita Ora has all the makings of a star, according to Jay-Z. The Roc Nation mogul showered praise on his 21-year-old protégé during an interview with VEVO.

“You can see the potential. When she enters the room, it changes,” said Mr. Carter. “And that presence, you can’t duplicate that. Especially at such a young age. It was just infectious to me that she loves this. She’s driven in that way.”

Although she’s been signed to the label for two years, it was only recently that Jay saw her perform live. “The first time I truly saw her on stage was at the Cartier event in New York City,” he said. “To have that sort of stage presence and that sort of energy—the music went off and she still was like, more. She still wanted to go. She jumped off the stage at one point, dancing with the crowd, a great moment.”

The blonde bombshell hails from the small town of Pristina, Kosovo, but grew up in London. “Being from London and all, she has that bit of Brit rock, you know, punk rock feeling to her which I love.”

Rita samples the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Party and Bullshit” on her debut U.S. single “How We Do (Party).” “To have a new artist pay homage to what’s come before them is great,” said Hov. “I think that’s an amazing thing. You know, Biggie being my guy and from Brooklyn.”