Lil' Kim

Lil’ Kim Hints at Tour with Missy Elliott and Eve

Lil’ Kim has been making her way across the country on her “Return of the Queen” tour. During a stop in Chicago, the Queen Bee visited Power 92 where she sat down for an interview with Tone Kapone. When she wasn’t flirting with the on-air host, she discussed her book, new single, and hinted at an upcoming tour with Missy Elliott and Eve.

“The next single is called ‘Look Like Money'” and it’s produced by Rockwilder,” said Kim.

The song is expected to drop in about two weeks. “By the time we hit L.A. [June 8], it should be just dropping.”

Once her current tour wraps later next month, she is planning a larger scale event. “Then we go on a bigger tour. We got something really special planned and it stemmed with me, Missy, and Eve,” said Kim, who was joined by her fellow femcees on stage at her show in New York earlier this month.

Kim, who has slammed the Notorious movie for being inaccurate, is also planning a film told through the eyes of herself and those who were close to the Notorious B.I.G. “Let’s just be real about it. His wife, his mom, and all them people who was running that movie, aside from Puff, were not around this man the way we were around this man. We were around this man every five minutes, every day. I think our story would be a little more real.”


“Look Like Money” Snippet