Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar ‘Respects’ Nicki Minaj’s Summer Jam Decision

During his trip to New York, Kendrick Lamar braved the intimidating crew at “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105.1. The Compton MC explained how he connected with Dr. Dre, his thoughts on the Nicki Minaj Summer Jam situation, the title of his upcoming debut, and his collaborative project with J. Cole. Listen to the Black Hippy speak his mind.

On Dr. Dre: “It felt like he was under an underground railroad, dungeon somewhere. You’d never see this dude.”

On Nicki Minaj vs. Hot 97: “I’d be hot. She got all the right reasons to do what she did. I respect that. … I’d probably still have performed though. I’da performed for sure.”

On the term “real hip-hop”: “People always try to categorize it, but it’s a certain point in time where artists got to take it to the next level or else everybody will be saying, ‘Oh, they didn’t grow. They were stuck in the underground scene.'”

On why he doesn’t smoke or drink: “I can’t do that ’cause I’d go into this bad disorder, family-type, ignorant-type things.”

On his album title: “It’s unofficial right now. A lot of people be saying Good Kid in a Mad City, but that’s really my alias. It might be that, it might not. I just want to finish the music first.”

On his album with J. Cole: “I’m supposed to be going out a few more days to go work with him, but I don’t know when it will be done, but we are working.”

On J. Cole vs. Diggy Simmons: “I had to ask him about it. He just laughed it off like, ‘That’s a kid, man. I can’t do nothing.'”

On who he wants to work with: “I want to work with Erykah Badu.”