Chris Brown

Chris Brown Talks ‘Fortune,’ Co-Signs A$AP Rocky on ‘106 & Park’

Chris Brown has shied away from interviews, but he stopped by BET’s “106 & Park” on Monday to debut the video for “Don’t Wake Me Up.” He spoke about winning a Grammy earlier this year, his toy line, art gallery showing, BET Awards performance, and who he’s listening to. He also reminisced on some of his music videos and answered some questions from Team Breezy. When asked what his favorite lyric of the moment was, he sang a line from Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake.” Watch Breezy’s appearance below.

On winning a Grammy: “It’s just a blessing to be able to perform and go through what I went through, my trials and tribulations, and to be able to overcome it and be able to say I got a Grammy, I’m doing my thing, it’s great. I ain’t buy it!”

On his BET Awards performance: “I wanted to do the beginning of Chris Brown all the way till now, but we’re going to give them something to look at and have fun with.”

On what he’s listening to: “I’m into mixtapes. Shouts out to A$AP Rocky. I think his movement is dope. As far as like Big Sean, Tyga, a lot of my homies, Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill… I feel like as a youth, artists are starting to come together and do it for the youngsters. We’re showing them how to floss a little bit, but at the same time, do it for the young kids.”

On his dream movie role: “I would love to do the autobiography of Sam Cooke.”

On how he relaxes: “Nice music, four to five girls laid out. They can be walking around or whatever. Sand, water, oil.”

On the “Don’t Wake Me Up” video: “With this video, we wanted to go completely into the dream world. A lot of my videos from ‘Turn Up the Music’ and other videos I’m doing now are in a dream state of believing what you want to believe. So that’s what Fortune kinda encompasses. So it’s basically dreaming and accomplishing your dreams. This video is me dreaming and being taken into this whole kind of maze. I keep waking up within a dream within a dream, almost on some Inception type…, but I don’t want to bite that.”