Chris Brown

Chris Brown Fosters New Talent on CBE Label

Chris Brown has weathered the ups and downs of the music industry, and now he’s sharing his knowledge with a group of budding stars. During an interview with Fuse, the R&B superstar introduced his Chris Brown Entertainment (CBE) roster, which includes singer-rapper Kevin McCall, rock diva Sabrina Antoinette, former RichGirl member Sevyn, rock group UgLy, and singer Joelle James, who he signed to Interscope after hearing her on YouTube.

As CEO and mentor of the label, he looks out for his artists and makes sure they don’t get a raw deal. “I want to make sure that every artist I work with is happy and they get a fair chance because we doing all the work,” said Breezy.

But if you’re looking to get signed by the CBE boss, just don’t approach him on the streets with your CD. “I hate that. I’ll listen to it, but nine times out of 10 it’s trash,” he laughed.