Flo Rida

Flo Rida Gets Wild on ‘Today’ Show Concert Series

Flo Rida brought some sunshine to New York City when he hit Rockefeller Plaza to perform on the “Today” Toyota Concert Series. The chart-topping rapper delivered hit after hit off his new album Wild Ones including the title track, “Whistle,” and “Good Feeling,” stripping shirtless for “I Cry.”

“My goal was to watch all my fans go crazy, party wild like never before,” said Flo, whose dream collaborations include Beyoncé and OutKast.

He also praised his mother for instilling a strong work ethic in him. “I owe it to my mom. She always motivated me to put God first and always believe in yourself,” said Flo. “Work hard and always try to dedicate as much of your time to what you’re trying to achieve in life.”

“Good Feeling”

“Wild Ones”

Interview / “Whistle”

“I Cry”