Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco

Rick Ross, Lupe Fiasco Weigh In on Colorado Theater Shooting

As the world continues to reel from last week’s movie theater massacre, members of the hip-hop community are weighing in on the tragedy. Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco were both asked about the shooting spree at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, that left 12 dead and 59 injured. Here’s what they had to say.

During an interview with 106 KMEL, Rozay called the killings “senseless” and offered his condolences to the victims’ families.

He watched the alleged suspect appear in court on Monday. “He think he in a movie,” said Ross. “As I watched him today sit in the courtroom, now he dizzy. Now he dazed. But all the pictures and everything that was leading up to the event, he smiling and doing this and that. Don’t be dazed now. We need you to be focused when this come down on you.”

Rozay believes his strange behavior could be a tactic. “It could be one of his approaches to his defense,” he said. “He gonna act like he don’t know what was going on, but that ain’t gonna help you on this one.”

While Lupe Fiasco sympathizes with the victims, he also called attention to other events going on across the country. “It’s getting a lot of attention. But, I also hope that, as much attention that the media is giving that tragedy, they’re doing the same in New Orleans, and they’re doing the same in New York, and they’re doing the same in Chicago,” the Chi-town native told JAM’N 94.5.

He continued, “That’s happening every weekend. Not at the movies; just every weekend. Twenty people are getting killed here. Fifteen people are getting killed here. It’s happening weekly—and you don’t hear about that at all.”