Chris Brown

Chris Brown Wants Jackson Family Feud to End

The drama that’s unfolding in the public eye within the Jackson family was bound to make headlines. However, Chris Brown is not happy about it. The R&B crooner took to his Twitter account to vent his feelings on the family feuding over the King of Pop’s estate and guardianship over his children.

“That Jackson family sh** gotta stop!” tweeted the “Turn Up the Music” singer. “Stop making y’all business public! Michael was already under enough scrutiny.”

With Michael Jackson being one of his biggest inspirations, Chris doesn’t want to see his family get hurt. “Don’t put the kids through the bullsh**!” he added. “Work y’all shit out as a family and stop giving them the pleasure of f**king wit y’all!”

Michael’s daughter, Paris Jackson, responded by tweeting, “thanks chris<3." She later deleted the tweet. This comes just days after Janet Jackson and Paris allegedly got into an altercation at the Jackson family compound. Earlier today, Randy Jackson phoned into "Good Morning America" to clarify that the on-going dispute is not about the icon's money. Instead, he claimed, "It's about my brother. It's about righting a wrong." In addition, he believes that his brother's 2002 will is a "fake" and also confirmed that their mother Katherine Jackson, who was reported missing for 10 days, was resting under doctor's orders in Arizona.