Life of a Player

Video: Vaughn Anthony – ‘Life of a Player’

John Legend is not the only talented crooner in his family. The Grammy winner’s younger brother Vaughn Anthony steps to the mic in the video for “Life of a Player,” the title track from his 15-track mixtape and EP, available today. The free project, which chronicles the trials and tribulations of the love game and the maturation of a man, features appearances from Rick Ross, Olivia, and Prodigy of Mobb Deep.

“R&B is music that resonates in the soul and I believe helps to teach us about life,” shared Anthony. “It instructs us about heartbreak, relationships, and helps to define what it means to be not only a player, but also a conscious man, a working man, and a family man.”

Legend lends his brother a hand on the track “Hold Me Down.” “When it comes to my younger brother, he’s got to prove that he can stand on his own,” said Legend. “I want him to be out there flourishing as soon as possible. Musically I feel like he’s ready to do it.”

Watch the video for “Life of a Player” below.