Azealia Banks and Kreayshawn

Azealia Banks Apologizes to Kreayshawn, Proposes Collaboration

Azealia Banks may be notorious for her Twitter beefs, but she extended an olive branch to one of her former foes. The “212” rapper has apologized and patched things up with Kreayshawn.

Earlier this year, Banks lashed out at the “Gucci Gucci” rapper after she retweeted a link to her video via PornHub. “You’re a dumb bitch. And you can’t rap. I’ll sit on your face. … Fall back slut,” she told her, prompting Kreayshawn to reply, “Come on you mad because I retweeted your link? Because I like your music? Pffff get outta here! Not a fan anymore.”

But on Sunday, Banks showed some humility and extended her apologies. “@KREAYSHAWN I apologize for coming down on you so hard earlier this year,” she tweeted. “I missunderstood that pornhub rt. I can be really defensive sometimes. I’m just naturally rude. LMFAOO it’s a NY thing… I can’t help it.”

Kreayshawn, whose debut album Somethin ‘Bout Kreay drops September 18, quickly accepted her apology. “It’s all G! I fux with you[r] music above all!” she wrote. “You have those fire barz gurlll!”

Banks even proposed a collaboration. “@KREAYSHAWN lets collab. Let’s throw @NativeRaeen in the mix there tooo,” she said, to which Kreay gladly responded, “I’m down!!! FIRE FUEGO!!”

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