Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole Talks New Album, Love, & K. Michelle on ‘The Breakfast Club’

“I didn’t fall back, I went harder,” said Keyshia Cole about recording her new album Woman to Woman. After her last album Calling All Hearts underperformed, she went back to the drawing board, giving her fans more of what they want. With her husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson by her side, the soulful songstress appeared on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” where she discussed her new music, marriage, her mother Frankie and sister Neffe, K. Michelle, and Steve Madden shoe line, in stores in November.

On why her last album didn’t do as well: “[A&R executive] Ron Fair left Interscope. He was a part of every album, so it was really hard [with] him not being there. I was pregnant, I recorded happy music. It was a number of things.”

On whose relationship she admires: “I love to look at Jay-Z and Beyoncé. I think that he is a guy that’s hood, but got his business together. And I think he respects his woman regardless of what that is. He respects her doing her thing. If that’s her wearing sexy clothes, if that’s her singing whatever songs she wanna sing, heartbroken, happy, he supports his woman. I respect that 100%.”

On her new music: “I was a lot more happy and content with my happiness through my music, so now I am channeling the pain, the frustration, being upset about being cheated on. … This album is not about me. The album is about the fans that really want to hear things that help them and give them inspiration to get over dudes that do them wrong.”

On accolades: “I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an award in my 10 years of being an artist and I still made millions and millions of dollars. It’s just an awkward position to be in being that the awards didn’t bring money. I’m in my place and I’m happy in my place.”

On her Steve Madden shoe deal: “The reason why I wanted to do a deal with Steve Madden is because when I didn’t have any money, before I got my deal, I used to buy Steve Madden shoes. My demographic, of course they’re not put on like I am, so they can afford them. I just want to make sure that I can do really cute shoes that my demographic can afford.”

On fellow singer K. Michelle: “When I came in the business, you have that somebody that you like, ‘Yo, she set limits for me and know that I could reach that plateau,’ and I feel like I am that for K. Michelle, like Mary was that for me. If it’s not K. Michelle, if the fans aren’t receptive to K. Michelle, whoever comes after K it’s gon’ be all G. I’ve already done a lot of things that people are trying to do and I’m gonna give you the best advice I can hand to you.”