Ashanti Talks New Fuse Gig, 'Braveheart' Album on 'Today' Show

  /  09.05.2012


Fresh off announcing her new role as executive producer and anchor of “Fuse News,” Ashanti appeared on the “Today” show to promote her new gig and speak about her upcoming album Braveheart.

“It’s basically a music news show that’s kinda filling the void,” the R&B singer told Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb, comparing it to MTV’s “TRL.” “This is something I think we’re going to pioneer and inject something back into music.”

She is still in the studio finishing her fifth album Braveheart. “It’s something for women, just being empowering. This album is something very deep,” she explained. “I’m going places that I haven’t gone on different albums.”

As founder of her own company Written Entertainment, Ashanti has a hand in everything she does. “It is so important to be hands-on with everything that you are doing,” she said. “The world perceives you as who you are and your image, and you have to have everything to do with it. So you have to take responsibility and be a part of your brand.”

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