Sandra Denton, Eve, Lil' Kim, and Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott Teases Collaboration with Lil’ Kim and Eve

With her two new singles “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” heating up the airwaves, Missy Elliott jumped right into promotional duties for her upcoming album. In addition to making the radio rounds, Missy and Timbaland took questions from fans during a Ustream session. She revealed that she is debating between two album titles, Class Dismissed and Block Party, and that she has recorded a collaboration with Lil’ Kim and Eve.

Plus, find out what happened to the “Pussycat” remix with Janet Jackson and why it took the dynamic duo so long to return.

On her album title: “It might be between Class Dismissed or Block Party. Ya’ll tell me which one ya’ll think.”

On a collaboration with Lil’ Kim and Eve: “I do have something special with us three—a fun, party record. I’ma keep it fun.”

On the unreleased remix to “Pussycat” with Janet Jackson: “I did find that record, but I wanted to check with J first before just dumping that out like that. I wouldn’t want her to black on me for putting that remix to “Pussycat” out. I’m gonna hit her and see if it’s OK. If it’s OK, then I’ll release it.”

On taking their time to release an album: “I think what’s going on now is the same old, same old. The timing is right for what we doing right now,” said Tim, while Missy added, “We wanted to change up the way music sounded, just kinda change the game, change music, change the format a little bit.”