Nardwuar vs. Big Sean

Nardwuar Interviews Big Sean

Lil Wayne, J. Cole, and Drake have all come face to face with Nardwuar. During a recent gig in Vancouver, the Canadian personality caught up with Big Sean. He presented the Detroit player with a Biggie doll rocking a Jesus piece and in return, Sean revealed that he has a song on his upcoming album called “Jesus Piece” featuring a “legendary rapper.”

The Human Serviette also quizzed him about his high school days and gifted him with a poster of his idol Ma$e. The conversation turned to Birdman and the advice the Cash Money boss shared with him during their meeting. The quirky interview finished with Nardwuar’s signature pose and tagline, “Doot doola doot doo.”

After it was over, Sean praised Nardwuar’s interviewing skills. “Thanks for really researching and providing facts,” he tweeted. “Social Media has made it so u can just say anything whether it’s true or false. But by you taking time out to research, get the facts, check them out, etc. is entertaining and gives hope to journalism.”