Mixtape Cover: T-Pain – ‘Stoic’

T-Pain fades into the background on the dark cover of his mixtape Stoic. Last month, he debuted the first single “Don’t You Quit,” while the full project will drop on his birthday, September 30.

“You know me, I’m just all into motivation,” the Tallahassee singer told Yahoo! Music. “That comes in all kinds of forms. So we just trying to venture out and make sure everybody get their piece of all of my motivation because I got a lot to give out. It’s got to be an anthem.”

The mixtape will encompass a mix of genres. “I’m not trying to make an urban mixtape. I’m not trying to make a pop mixtape. I’m making a T-Pain mixtape,” he explained. “This is a collection of [the] kinds of things that’s happening in my head, and I’m not going to show any remorse for putting all these genres together and just really hurting the world.”

You can hear him preview the songs in a live Ustream session below.