Miguel and Alicia Keys

New Music: Miguel f/ Alicia Keys – ‘Where’s the Fun in Forever’

Miguel lives in the moment on “Where’s the Fun in Forever,” his duet with Alicia Keys off his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream. The Pop & Oak-produced track, which he originally wrote for Alicia’s album Girl on Fire, was recorded in Jamaica.

“Tomorrow isn’t promised, where’s the fun in forever?” asks Miguel, while Alicia chants “Celebrate!” on the chorus.

“I’ll never forget the moment we were under the stars with nothing but the sound of the ocean all around us,” he told SoulCulture TV. “I’ve never felt so attached to a song that I’ve written for another artist like this song, so I was really, really happy to find out that she wasn’t going to use it and she was gracious enough to let us keep it. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album.”

Listen below and head over to NPR.org to stream Miguel’s entire album in advance of its October 2 release.