Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Is Hostile and Hilarious in Deposition Video

Lil Wayne has “No Worries,” not even when he’s under oath. The Young Money chief went before a judge in his trial against producer Quincy Jones III stemming from a lawsuit he filed over the 2009 documentary Tha Carter. In the videotaped deposition obtained by TMZ, a defiant Weezy is clearly not pleased with the questioning and tells the opposing counsel that he can’t remember anything, including questions pertaining to his criminal record.

He pulls his TRUKFIT hoodie over his head as he’s grilled by Jones’ attorney. While it may not be a laughing matter to the court, we can’t help but laugh at Tunechi’s responses.

At one point, he even tells the lawyer, “You know he can’t save you in the real world,” referring to the judge.

Watch the hilarious footage below.