Azealia Banks

Video: Azealia Banks – ‘Luxury’

Azealia Banks is in an Empire State of mind in the slick black-and-white video for “Luxury,” the first visual from her mixtape Fantasea. The Harlem firecracker rocks a cowboy hat and suspenders as she parades around the gritty streets of her hometown in the Clarence Fuller-directed clip.

Meanwhile, her single for “Esta Noche” has caused quite a bit of controversy. Producer Munchi has stopped the song from being released to iTunes, claiming that Banks took his beat without permission. She later offered him $25,000 and a public apology, which he declined.

“good luck being a dickriding, trackstealing, sorry excuse for a artist,” he tweeted. Have fun with the fame – it’ll get back at ya.”

She will go in front of the lens today to shoot a video for “Atlantis,” also off her mixtape.