Drake and Aaliyah

Lil Wayne: Drake-Aaliyah Project Is a ‘Good Move’

While Drake’s involvement in the posthumous Aaliyah album has sparked controversy, Lil Wayne has come out in support of his Young Money protégé, letting the world know that the project will be “awesome.”

The Young Money chief claims he hasn’t heard any of the negative feedback. Upon learning that Drake was going to be part of the posthumous project, his first thought was: “Good move.”

“Everybody knows what Aaliyah did and done for music and culture, period, and it’s always good to do that, for not only for people like that, just for her fans—you know what I mean?” Weezy told the AP (via Billboard). “Drake’s a very thoughtful person. Everyone knows that. It’s an awesome collaboration.”

The much talked-about Aaliyah album first surfaced this summer with the Drake-assisted single “Enough Said.” Shortly thereafter, a slew of celebrities including longtime Aaliyah collaborators Missy Elliott and Timbaland came out against the project.

Timbaland even went so far as to tell Angie Martinez, “I don’t think that’s even in the works. I think it’s blown out of proportion.”

Wayne continues to be a fan of Aaliyah’s timeless music. “Her music is still awesome,” he said. “It’s still better than a lot of music out right now.”