Brandy Braves 'The Breakfast Club'

  /  10.15.2012


Life is good for Brandy. The R&B veteran stopped by Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” this morning to chat about all things—personal and professional—going on in her life, from her new album Two Eleven (in stores tomorrow) to her role in Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor and getting married…for real this time.

Brandy on her return to the charts with “Put It Down”: “It’s my first top 10 in 10 years. It just feels amazing. I didn’t think it could happen again. I did keep pushing but you get down at some point…but I kept going.”

On leaving reality television: “I just think reality for me just wasn’t the business, period. I definitely feel like I needed to switch my focus to music because that’s where it is for me. Music is what I needed to live again.”

On her fake marriage: “I never was married. I felt like I had to be dishonest about that because of the image that I was trying to portray at the time. Everything for me at the time was perfection. I love that [in 2012] I can be transparent and I can just be honest.”

On wanting to be married now: “Of course. I’m 33. It’s time to be married for real this time. It’s a great thing when you’re in love with someone and you’re connected, you want to share your life with that person. I know the ring is coming. It better be.”

On a potential tour with Monica: “We were supposed to go on tour but I’m acting and singing at the same time so I didn’t want to hold her up. I’m just trying to figure out my acting schedule and hopefully I can go on tour in February.”

On starring in The Marriage Counselor with Kim Kardashian: “We didn’t have any scenes together and that wasn’t done on purpose. That’s just how the script was. Most of my scenes are with Lance [Gross].”


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