Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Reflects on Love, Religion, and Oreos in Open Letter

From penning a novel about twins to starting his own car club, the always honest Frank Ocean is opening up to his fans about what’s on his mind in a new letter posted on his Tumblr page.

“I’ve possibly lost all religion. I’ve sunken into passivity in certain areas of my life,” muses the “Thinkin Bout You” singer on deep subjects along with random thoughts like, “I eat steaks again now” to “Oreos don’t work with almond milk.”

He also speaks about his recent studio session with Jay-Z and Pharrell (“I wonder how many trophies are lodged in their minds”), moving from L.A. to New York or Tokyo, and lessons in love (“The number one rule in relationships is to never just leave”).

While candid, the letter is nowhere near as revelatory as the one he penned earlier this year, in which he told the world that he had once loved a man. Since then, fans have embraced the Odd Future member for his truthfulness and his popularity has only grown.

Read Frank’s letter in its entirety below.

Frank Ocean Letter