J. Cole

J. Cole Debuts ‘Crooked Smile’ in Hollywood

J. Cole took the opportunity to debut some new material at last night’s Footaction “Own the Stage” celebration at the W Hotel in Hollywood. The Roc Nation rapper experimented with some new beats and delivered some unrehearsed verses.

“Man on fire, my empire be higher than an octave from Mariah/ You ni**as should worship sire,” he rapped before stumbling on some of the words.

“I’ve never performed that before. I fu**ed up that verse already,” joked Cole. “I’m not that embarrassed ’cause there’s only 30 of us, so it’s cool.”

He also poked fun at his grill on an inspiring song called “Crooked Smile.” “I’ve never had braces. I don’t have the picture-perfect smile. I don’t have a Colgate smile. My shit is fu**ed up,” admitted Cole.

When he got money, people including his mother asked if he was going to get his teeth fixed. “I had the number one album in the country when my shit was fu**ed up,” he said. “Why do I really need to get that shit fixed?”

His second album is pretty much done (“All the songs are there”), but he’s waiting for Kendrick Lamar to drop his debut. “As soon as he drops and f**s the world up, I’m about to come and f**k the world up.”