Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Debuts ‘Black Rage’ in Dallas

Lauryn Hill kicked off her “Life Is Good/Black Rage” joint tour with Nas last night in Dallas. The former Fugees frontwoman performed her classics and debuted the tour’s namesake, “Black Rage,” reciting the lyrics. The powerful record deals with the derivative effects of racial inequity and abuse.

“Obviously this is a song about confrontation,” explained Ms. Hill, who is facing three years behind bars after pleading guilty to tax evasion. “Black rage is founded on drainin’ and drainin’/ Threatenin’ of freedom to stop your complainin’/ Pausin’ your water while they say it’s rainin’/ Then call you mad for complainin’, complainin’.”

The rebellious singer continued with the spoken-word diatribe. “Try if you must, but you can’t have my soul,” she laughed. “Black rage is founded on ungodly control/ So when the dog fight and when the beat ends, and when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember all these kinds of things and then I don’t fear so bad.”

Listen to Lauryn’s thought-provoking lyrics.