Rihanna Talks Chris Brown Duet, Beyoncé, and ‘Unapologetic’ on Facebook Live

With only 11 days to go until her seventh album Unapologetic is released, Rihanna sat down with Bravo’s Andy Cohen at Facebook’s New York headquarters for “Facebook Live.” A few of her 62 million Facebook fans were in the audience and sent in questions.

The pop megastar spoke about reading rumors on blogs, listening to “ratchet” songs like “Bandz a Make Her Dance” and “Pop That” (“I don’t like listening to pop music in the car”), the impact of Hurricane Sandy, and sounded off on her peers including Beyoncé (“Gorgeous, a stab to my self-esteem”), Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj. When asked if she and Chris Brown are together, she said “no.”

On her duet with Chris, “Nobody’s Business”: “‘Nobody’s Business’ is basically the way I look at everything regarding my personal life. Even though you have to witness it, it’s being documented at every second, it still is mine. This is mine at this point. When it gets to my music and stuff like that, I’ll give and I’ll give and I’ll give, and I just feel like I need to keep a little bit for me that I get to the side.”

On wanting to be the “black Madonna”: “Madonna is one of those artists that she was very self-expressive. She was bold, she was fearless. All those are things that I looked up to as a young woman. I wanted to be all those things.”

On where she wants to be in 30 years: “I wanna be skinny, I wanna be fierce… I hope my tits are still sitting up.”

On her album title Unapologetic: “It’s very true. It’s raw. It’s honest. It’s storytelling, even the way it flows on the album. It takes you on a journey.”

On why her late grandmother Dolly inspires her: “She’s just a complete woman. If I could even make it to half that, I would be in great, great hands.”

Check out the full interview below.