Azealia Banks and Beyoncé

Azealia Banks: ‘I’m Very Inspired by Beyoncé’

Azealia Banks doesn’t look up to many of her peers in the industry, but there’s one artist she has a soft spot for—Beyoncé. The “212” rapper reveals her admiration for the “Single Ladies” superstar.

“I definitely think career-wise and personally, I’m very, very inspired by Beyoncé,” she told Beats TV. “She’s so well-mannered and so classy and so well-poised. It’s important to have those kinds of skills.”

Banks’ Interscope Records debut Broke With Expensive Taste is due early next year. “The vision and vibe that I have for Broke With Expensive Taste is for it to be just as stylish and authentic as anything that I do,” she said. “There isn’t really a genre that I’m trying to go for or a specific vibe that I’m trying to go for. I’m going for authenticity.”

Fresh off the release of her “Atlantis” video, she also shared advice for her fellow female rappers. “Don’t spend your money on things you can’t afford. That money doesn’t last forever,” she warned.