Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard Reveals ‘Whiteout’ Christmas EP Tracklisting

Dawn Richard is giving a gift to her fans this holiday season. Before her full-length debut GoldenHeart arrives at the top of the year, the R&B songstress will release her Christmas EP Whiteout on December 1. The project includes her 2011 single “December Sky” and four new tracks.

“This is strictly for the Die Hearts out there,” said Dawn, referring to her loyal fan base. “The focus is on the album, but we wanted to do something special for the movement that has been following us for a while.”

Dawn revealed the tracklisting by drawing it in lipstick on the mirror of a bathroom. See what goodies she has in store this Christmas.

Whiteout Tracklisting

1. “Whiteout”
2. “And the Bells”
3. “MILES”
4. “Wynter”
5. “December Sky”