Azealia Banks and M.I.A.

Azealia Banks, M.I.A. Among GQ’s 100 Hottest Women of the 21st Century

Beyoncé proved why she deserves the title of “Sexiest Woman of the 21st Century” with her sizzling GQ cover, but there are some other sexy ladies vying for the honor. With 987 more years left in this millennium, the editors at GQ have revealed the other 99 women who make them drool.

Azealia Banks’ mouth isn’t the only thing getting her noticed. The “212” rapper is the whole package, according to GQ.

“Did her album ever come out? Who knows. But man, we sure watched that ‘212’ video 400 times a week,” writes the magazine.

M.I.A. may not want to be known as a sex symbol, but she finds herself rubbing elbows with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Halle Berry, and Kate Upton in the pages of the men’s magazine.

Also making the hot 100 is Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Kanye West’s baby mama Kim Kardashian.

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