Beyoncé Beams About Blue Ivy, Teases Super Bowl Set on NFL Network

Sunday is all about Beyoncé…and football. In preparation for the Super Bowl halftime show, Bey made the media rounds on Thursday. After her press conference, she changed into a red dress and sat down with Deion Sanders on the NFL Network to discuss her highly-anticipated performance, motherhood, and some of her favorite past performers.

She remained tight-lipped about what she’s got in store (aside from saying that there will be new choreography and wardrobe changes). She has been preparing for months, watching past performances online, and selecting which songs she will fit into her 12-minute set.

“This is the highlight of a career,” said Bey, who admitted that she gets nervous. “The hardest thing was figuring out what I was gonna perform.”

Mrs. Carter also opened up about her one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, who knows the “Single Ladies” dance and sings “Uh oh!”

Beyoncé even sang some of the lyrics to Deion’s 1994 rap single “Must Be The Money” and got up to do the choreography.

Check out the highlights below.

On why she decided to start her press conference with the National Anthem: “I figured it was the best way to address it and move on. I love my job. I love my country. I love that I’m able to do what I was born to do, so I’m proud.”

On what makes her happy: “Right now my family. My husband is incredible. He’s so supportive and my daughter… When I wake up in the morning, the best thing in the world is seeing her face. She’s starting to talk. It’s just such a beautiful time in my life to have a child and everyday see something new.”

On motherhood: “It’s so much more fulfilling than anything else in the world.”

On her favorite past halftime performances: “My favorite probably was Prince. Of course I loved Madonna’s. I studied Michael’s—all my heroes, they were all great.”