T.I. and Tiny

T.I. and Tiny Attend ‘Identity Thief’ Premiere

T.I. was on his Hollywood tip, attending the premiere of Identity Thief with his wife Tiny on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Harris cozied up on the red carpet, posing for pics and mingling with Tip’s co-stars Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, and Genesis Rodriguez. They later hit up the after-party at the Napa Valley Grille in Westwood.

The Kang has already starred in blockbusters including Takers and American Gangster, but Identity Thief marks Tip’s first comedy. He had no hesitation about jumping into the new role.

“I met with [director] Seth [Gordon] and learned he was the director of one of my favorite comedies, Horrible Bosses,” T.I. told Reuters. “I asked him how would this movie compare to Horrible Bosses and he said it’s going to be better. I said, ‘I’m in.'”

Tip plays a bounty hunter in the film, which opens in theaters nationwide on Friday.

T.I. and Tiny


Genesis Rodriguez and T.I.

Photo credit: Splash News / Getty Images