Side Effects of You

Album Cover: Fantasia – ‘Side Effects of You’

Fantasia goes glam on the cover of her fourth album Side Effects of You. Originally due in March, the project will now arrive on April 16 featuring the single “Lose to Win.”

“My Baby!!! My Blood, Sweat, Tears. My Name, My Joy, My Pain, My Album.. Side Effects of You!!!!! ROCK♥SOUL,” tweeted the “American Idol” alum.

The 28-year-old singer has worked mainly with producer Harmony on the follow-up to 2010’s Back to Me. “This time I just wanted to stick with one person so we could have an album that has one sound and everybody’s on the same page,” she told Steve Harvey.

The new music will feature a “rock-soul” sound akin to Tina Turner and James Brown. “It’s my baby ’cause I finally got to write,” she said. “I just wanted so bad to do something like that and I thank the record company, RCA, for allowing me to finally be able to do that on this album.”

Watch ‘Tasia as she breaks down her single “Lose to Win.”

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