Lil Wayne and Pitbull

Lil Wayne Responds to Pitbull’s Diss Record

Lil Wayne is reevaluating his friendship with Pitbull following the Miami rapper’s diss record. The two took to Twitter to hash out their issues.

Mr. 305 released his remix to “Harlem Shake,” entitled “Welcome to Dade County,” on which he defends his hometown and rips Weezy for his disrespectful comments about the Miami Heat.

“Don’t shit where you eat,” Pitbull barks at the New Orleans native. “When we show love to those that get their city destroyed by a hurricane and then they come down here…”

Weezy heard Pit’s charged words and responded in a tweet. “Dam pit bull bro I thought u was kool,” he wrote.

Pitbull explained to him why he was upset. “@LilTunechi I am cool papo but imagine me shitting on anything new orleans which I was just there for super bowl the big easy I loved it,” he tweeted. “@LilTunechi the world shows me love and vice versa but miami is all I got no disrespect just the truth.”

The two previously collaborated on the remix to Pitbull’s “Dammit Man” off his 2005 album Money Is Still a Major Issue.

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