Tiffany Foxx and Lil' Kim

Lil’ Kim Introduces Tiffany Foxx on Hot 97

Lil’ Kim is passing the torch to her new artist Tiffany Foxx. The Queen Bee called into Hot 97 while the St. Louis MC was in the studio with Peter Rosenberg. The shock jock tried to provoke Kim with questions about Nicki Minaj, but she was quick to cut him off.

“I have a documentary coming out and it will all be explained, and that will be the last and first time that I really go into depth about it,” she said before turning the attention back to her protégée.

The two met when Kim came to St. Louis three years ago. Tiffany helped find her a studio and rolled out the red carpet for her with a Maybach and chef. Kim eventually heard her music and wanted to jump on the remix to “Jay-Z” and “Twisted.”

“She was a woman of her word, and the rest is pretty much history,” said Tiffany, who gushed about Kim. “She is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She totally took me in. She embraces me.”

Tiffany, whose influences include Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Biggie, and 2Pac, dropped a freestyle and spoke about meeting Miley Cyrus on set of her video for “Twisted.” “She has a black soul,” said Tiffany of the pop star.

Rosenberg also gave Tiffany some sound advice: “Don’t ever beef with [Kim] ’cause her fans are insane.”

Tiffany’s mixtape Yellow Tape is out now and she will debut the video for “Twisted” on Wednesday.