Lil' Kim

Lil’ Kim Talks Biggie, Faith Evans, & Miley Cyrus with DJ Whoo Kid

On the anniversary of Biggie’s death, Lil’ Kim called into DJ Whoo Kid’s “Whoolywood Shuffle” radio show on Shade 45. The Queen Bee was all abuzz about her protégée Tiffany Foxx, unreleased Biggie material, and her dislike for the Notorious movie. With a documentary and book, The Price of Loyalty, on the way, she chatted about her upcoming projects, relationship with Faith Evans and 50 Cent, and what she thinks of Miley Cyrus’ rebellious ways.

On her new album: “My fans still love me. They’re still waiting for me ’cause they know that I always reinvent myself. I know how to change with the times. I love a lot of the new music that’s out right now.”

On her relationship with Faith Evans: “If she wants to believe in her mind that we cool, that’s fine.”

On her loyalty: “I was literally brought up by wolves. It was hard for me to not be who I was. I care about people, even if I’m not cool with them at the time. I’m a real loyal, loyal person. I care about people’s lives. Sometimes I’m loyal to a fault.”

On 50 Cent: “We were so cool before all the craziness. We always genuinely liked each other. There was a lot of bull in the middle of it.”

On Miley Cyrus: “I just love her. At the end of the day, whether we feel it’s right or wrong, this is what the heck she’s feeling. She’s being real about her feelings. She’s not just going with the flow because this is what made her. Some people would say, ‘Well, I have to get my money.’ But she’s rich as fuck.”

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