Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj

Behind the Video: Nicki Minaj f/ Lil Wayne – ‘High School’

Nicki Minaj has fun with her family in the playful video for “High School.” Young Money’s First Lady filmed the Benny Boom-directed clip at a sprawling mansion in the L.A. area earlier this month. She soaks in a jacuzzi while flaunting her hot body in a neon green bikini, even inviting the crew to join in. Her Minajesty changes multiple times and is carried around set by a bodyguard.

Nicki’s Young Money boss Lil Wayne made his cameo just days before he was hospitalized for a seizure. Weezy suggests that she films in her birthday suit. “This is my dream,” he says, while singing the lyrics to 2 Chainz’ “Birthday Song.”

Birdman also pays a visit. Nicki originally wanted him to play her husband in the clip. “I would’ve loved that,” he tells her.

Feast your eyes on Nicki in the behind-the-scenes clip below.