Snoop Lion and Nardwuar

Snoop Lion Gets High and Hilarious with Nardwuar

Snoop Dogg met up with Nardwuar at SXSW, this time as Snoop Lion. As always, the Canadian interviewer came bearing gifts including an old concert poster, which he asked him to sign. “You bring shit that I should be taking from your ass, but I’ma sign it for you,” said Snoop.

He also presented him with a Snoop figurine, inflatable Beyoncé doll (“You ain’t getting this back,” said Snoop), and Blowfly bobblehead.

When asked why he didn’t get the shout-out that he was promised in his album, Snoop replied, “Get used to it. I tell a whole bunch of motherfuckin’ lies.”

The Reincarnated rapper also got Nardwuar high on his supply, blowing kush in his mouth while posing for his signature shot.

Watch the hilarious hijinks below.