Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre Returns to the Studio, Says Eminem Is Almost Done with Album

Dr. Dre’s empire continues to grow, but he hasn’t forgotten about his first love, music. The hip-hop tycoon is back in the lab.

After putting Detox on hold, Dre has returned to the music scene. “I’ve just gotten inspired to go back in the studio, so I’m really just having fun with life and having fun being creative and just trying some new and different things with myself,” he said during a phone call with “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Power 106.

While he’s been pre-occupied with other ventures, music will always remain his passion. “As you know, it’s been almost 30 years for me in music, so it’s a little bit difficult to keep getting inspired to get back in there. But music is my first love and I’m gonna continue to do that as long as I can.”

He also revealed that Eminem’s album is nearing completion. “Em is finishing up his project,” said Dre.

In a previous interview with Billboard, Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg said that Em’s first solo project in three years is due post-Memorial Day.

In addition to music, Dre has been busy working on a Beats music subscription service, which is set to launch at the end of the year.