America's Most Wanted Music Festival 2013

Lil Wayne Announces ‘America’s Most Wanted’ Tour with T.I. and Future

Don’t worry about Weezy. The Young Money rapper is doing just fine. To prove it, he’s released a video to TMZ, who reported a week ago that he was on his death bed after suffering multiple seizures.

“Tunechi in this bitch. I just wanna say thank you to all ya’ll for your prayers and ya’ll concerns and all that,” said Wayne. “I swear to God I felt that love when I was laid up in that motherfu**in’ hospital bed. But I want all ya’ll to know that I’m good, a ni**a more than good.”

He takes the time to plug his album I Am Not a Human Being II and upcoming “America’s Most Wanted” tour with some of his “closest friends in the game” including T.I., who joined him in the video.

“Hustle Gang and Young Money, partner. I hope you ni**as brung money ’cause it’s goin’ down,” said Tip.

Dates have yet to be announced, but the tour will kick off July 5. “We crankin’ that motherfu**a up,” he proclaimed. “Get you some BBQ on the 4th, come holla at us on the 5th.”

UPDATE: An official announcement regarding the “America’s Most Wanted Music Festival 2013” has been made. In addition to T.I., Wayne will be joined by Future. Tour dates will be announced on Monday.