Pharrell and Nardwuar

Pharrell Shares Weed Brownie Experience with Nardwuar

Pharrell went one-on-one with his i am OTHER partner Nardwuar during his visit to SXSW. The quirky Canadian brought up all sorts of obscure facts from The Neptunes producer’s past and presented him with gifts including an Isley Brothers vinyl.

Pharrell, who refrains from smoking and drugs, recalled falling asleep on the toilet after eating six weed brownies and the trippy effects it had on him. “Because of this experience, I do not like brownies in any way, shape, or form,” he said.

He also discussed how Teddy Riley changed his life, breaking his arm, and being in the group SBI (Surrounded By Idiots) with Timbaland and Magoo.

At the end, Pharrell turns the tables on Nardwuar, but you’ll have to wait to see that interview.