Lil Twist

Lil Twist Fires Back at Critics Over Justin Bieber Friendship

  /  04.06.2013

Lil Twist

Lil Twist has been in the headlines for his friendship with Justin Bieber. The Young Money rapper has been blamed for being a bad influence on the pop superstar, whether it’s having a wild party at his mansion or crashing his exotic cars. Some have even accused him of introducing Bieber to drugs. After all the negative press, Twist has decided to address his critics in an open letter on Instagram.

He makes no apologies for his behavior. “I’m a young adult who makes mistakes, fuk ups, #baddecisions , whatever u wanna call them like the rest of the fukin civilians in America,” he wrote.

He goes on to blast the media and the fake friends. “I’m disgusted by your actions,” barked Twist in the explicative-laced letter.

But it ends with him vowing to make a change. “U know what Im gonna clean up my act,” he said.

Twist is gearing up for the release of his mixtape Wake Up, due April 20. Read his message below.

Attention. Only addressing this once. Alright here we go. “I’m no influence, and I’m not running round claiming to be this role model… I live life, I’m a young adult who makes mistakes, fuk ups, #baddecisions , whatever u wanna call them like the rest of the fukin civilians in America.. ..But it makes u more of a bad person to sit home and judge someone u haven’t took the time to learn about.. So with that being said fuk u and fuk off lol…. To the bull shit media, the people on the teams that smiles in your face then “try” to bash your name when u walk off.. u know the people that I don’t give 1 fuck about… I’m disgusted by your actions lmao… U know what Im gonna clean up my act.” #wildkidz #baddecisions

Lil Twist Letter



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