Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Debuts Pink Pill in Beats by Dr. Dre Commercial

Nicki Minaj introduces us to her new best friend in the comedic commercial for her pink edition of Beats by Dr. Dre’s Pill portable wireless Bluetooth speaker.

When she leaves the room, Nicki’s sassy speaker (which she nicknamed “Pinkpilltina”) comes to life, reprimanding her boyfriend (played by comedian DeRay Davis) for texting another girl. He tries to silence her, but can’t and she rats him out to Nicki, who eventually kicks him to the curb.

“Bye bye boo boo!” says Pinkpilltina.

Inspired by Nicki’s signature color, the pink Pill is available to purchase for $199 at AT&T retail stores nationwide and online at

Meet Nicki’s new bestie in the hilarious clip below.