Fantasia Shares Her Testimony on ‘The View’

Fantasia brought some sunshine to “The View” on Monday morning. Following the release of her fourth album Side Effects of You last week, the 28-year-old singer sat down with the ladies and guest host Jenny McCarthy, and spoke about the “dark moment” in her life and how she’s moved on.

“I wanted away, I wanted peace,” she said of her attempted suicide. “I was taking care of everybody, holding everything down. And there were so many things that were going wrong in the career, being so young, winning ‘American Idol’ at 19, nobody really preps you. It just all goes so fast.”

But she has learned to appreciate the small things in life including her two kids. “God put me here for a reason. It’s not my time to go anywhere,” said Tasia.

The resilient singer showed her strength with a powerful performance of her testimonial “Lose to Win.”