Vinny and Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Reveals Engagement on MTV’s ‘The Show With Vinny’

It was a family affair when Vinny Guadagnino invited his idol Lil Wayne over to his Staten Island home for the premiere episode of MTV’s “The Show With Vinny.” After the “Jersey Shore” star worked off his nerves, Weezy showed up with his crew in tow.

“Thanks for letting us come down, for real,” said the Young Money chief. “Cause we like convicts and shit and you don’t really invite people like us to the house.”

Wayne introduced himself to Vinny’s Italian mother and gave her a big hug before sitting down in their living room for an interview, where Weezy revealed that he’s engaged.

“My fiancée’s Italian,” he said of his girlfriend Dhea Sodano.

He showed off his tattoos and met Vinny’s crazy Uncle Nino. Before leaving, Vinny’s mother gave him some food to go. They headed to the skate park and Weezy gave him some skating tips.

“There’s no other talk show that can get this. I don’t care what question you ask me, I’m not gonna sweat like this,” said Wayne as sweat poured down his face.

Watch the full episode below.