Miguel Showcases His Style for VEVO

Miguel is not only known for his progressive music, but also his cutting-edge style. The “Adorn” crooner takes VEVO to his favorite L.A. store, Opening Ceremony, for their “Stylized” series. He introduces us to his “style partner” Jasmine Benjamin and picks out some designer threads to try on.

“Style is just another word for personality,” says Miguel as he tries on an MVIO jacket. “When it comes to aesthetics, I think it’s all an extension of what you believe in and what you stand for and your lifestyle.”

He shares his love for vintage sunglasses and hats, which he only wears when he doesn’t feel like doing his hair.

When he finds something he likes, he’ll use words such as “kill city,” “killer,” “murky,” and “Murk McGurk.”

Rad times, indeed.