New Music: Kat Dahlia – ‘Fireman’

Kat Dahlia ignited some major buzz with her single “Gangsta,” and now she keeps the flame burning on “Fireman,” produced by Cinematic. The 22-year-old Miami native raps over the hypnotizing burner, which reflects her Cuban and reggae influences.

“It’s just something really, really different. Especially from what else is out there right now,” Kat tells Interview. “The label had told me to hold off, you know, wait until I had an album [out] to release it. I was always really adamant about this record. We were going back and forth, but, finally, it’s coming out. It’s definitely a good follow-up to ‘Gangsta’ and that whole sound.”

Kat’s debut My Garden is due in September via Sylvia Rhone’s Vested in Culture imprint on Epic Records. She has been in the studio with Timbaland and Salaam Remi, and hopes to one day collaborate with Eminem.