Uncle Nino, Vinny, and A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky Comes Over for Dinner on ‘The Show with Vinny’

Vinny Guadagnino invited Lil Wayne into his living room on the premiere of MTV’s “The Show with Vinny.” On last night’s episode, the “Jersey Shore” star welcomed A$AP Rocky to his family’s New Jersey house for an Italian dinner.

After meeting Vinny’s family and snacking on bruschetta, the Harlem rapper stepped into his garage for an interview. While chilling on a sofa, he discussed the A$AP movement, living in a shelter, and the definition of A$AP.

His mother came in to bring them food and a gracious A$AP asked for ketchup.

“Let me warn you about black people. We eat a lot and we love hot sauce and ketchup,” he told her.

He was also introduced to Vinny’s crazy Uncle Nino and sat at the dinner table as his mother served a meal.

A$AP invited Vinny and his family over to his house, but next time A$AP’s mom will be cooking.