No Bueno

New Music: Angel Haze – ‘No Bueno’

“Bitches you owe me,” declares Angel Haze on the first single off her upcoming debut Dirty Gold. The Michigan-born MC, who moved to New York at a young age, keeps the competition in check with her sharp-tongued rhymes.

“I’m hurtin’ these hos ’til they cuttin’ they wrists/ ‘Til they slittin’ they wrists with their hands on the Bible/ Yelling out Angel, I’m so suicidal,” raps the 21-year-old, who debuted the song live in London last month.

She didn’t start rapping until the age of 16 because she wasn’t allowed to listen to music. “I grew up in a cult,” said Angel, who cites Eminem and Kanye West among her favorites. “I wasn’t allowed to listen to music or have friends that were outside of it.”

“No Bueno” is now available on iTunes, while the video is set to premiere on June 11.