Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator Donates Clothes to the Homeless

Tyler, the Creator may get a bad rep, but he has a good heart. The Odd Future leader collected some of his premium streetwear and Golf Wang gear and drove over to Skid Row in downtown L.A. to donate clothes to the homeless.

“I’m about to be a good person for once,” he said as he piled clothes into his car.

“It’s a big ass box of fresh ass clothes right here if any of you motherfuckers need it,” he announced before some homeless rushed in to collect the clothes.

One guy filled his arms with as much as he could carry. “Ya’ll gotta share,” he said before getting more from his car.

Before leaving, he offered some parting words. “I love all ya’ll. God bless America and also don’t do drugs, ya’ll.”

Watch his charitable deed below.