Wale and Jerry Seinfeld

Wale Shares Studio Session with Jerry Seinfeld

Wale’s new album features the biggest names in hip-hop and one unusual guest, Jerry Seinfeld. The D.C. rapper realized one of his dreams when he recruited the comedian for The Gifted.

“He’s a very wise person,” says Wale during an interview with DJ Drama. “He’s probably the richest person I know so his perspective on everything is different. So I love to hear his insight, just how he looks at stuff.”

Wale has been a longtime fan of Seinfeld and his NBC sitcom. “When you in this rap community, all we know is the maximum is Jay-Z as far as winning in life. [Seinfeld is] on another level of success outside of music.”

He is later seen in the studio with his “favorite human being.” But when Seinfeld comes to record, he doesn’t have anything for him. “This is The Gifted session,” Wale tells him, while Seinfeld responds, “Then I guess I’ll come back.”

The actor appears on “Outro About Nothing” on The Gifted, which serves as a segway to Wale’s next album, The Album About Nothing.

“Maybach Music, where dreams come true,” says Wale. “This is the greatest day of my professional career.”